Matching Opportunities
with Aspirations.



We are an Executive Search firm founded by partners with deep industry expertise and professional search experience. We bring years of leadership experience in the very sectors and functions for which we provide a range of talent acquisition, assessment and advisory services.

Cognasia Talent was founded with the mission to match the right opportunities with career aspirations, thereby positively impacting the quality of talent at our clients and enhancing careers by providing the best in Executive, Professional and Leaders.

We are located In Singapore and serve our clients across the Asia Pacific, India and Australia regions.





South Korea


Hong Kong


Founded in 2014 in Singapore, we call Asia our home. We are founded by partners who have extensive experience across Asia, having lived, worked and led businesses in several markets across the region, including Singapore, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia and India.

All our partners come with over 25 years of business experience across Asia and we truly get the region. The insights `and perspectives gained in these roles are invaluable assets in appreciating and successfully navigating the region. We leverage our pan-Asia understanding of talent, providing solutions that transcend borders. We have successfully completed search mandates, Leadership and Executive, across 10 countries in the region.
We currently count several leading Multinational and Asian brands amongst our clients.



Our robust networks are our strength and a recognized advantage.

We have deep and productive relationships across the Asian Talent landscape that we leverage to the benefit of our clients. These relationship span not just within the industries we engage but also in adjacent domains and businesses. This enables us to provide creative solutions that work well, especially in those “difficult to staff” roles and positions.

We dig deep in our domains to bring focused and relevant expertise to our talent acquisition practice. Due to our extensive and growing networks, we are able to target not just proven talent, but also mobile, adaptable and resilient talent. To address localization needs, we are also able to successfully target repatriating talent from across the world.



Precision. Search as a Science

Our approach is deliberate, analytical, investigative throwing up results that are precise. We go beyond just pure data base mining. We combine the use of direct contact, proprietary databases, technology and the strength of our core Research group to serve our clients. This allows us to travel past the obvious in our pursuit of the best talent for any role. We deploy specific analytical tools in our search assignments and prospect assessments.

Our foremost priority is to ensure our Clients have a productive and superior experience with us. We have designed our approach to ensure ease of engagement, highly responsive servicing and results that are accurate, timely and within parameters.

We partner with clients throughout the search process to secure the best outcomes. Collaboration and Confidentiality are the cornerstones of our approach.

Coming from business backgrounds ourselves, we place emphasis on truly understanding the search mandate at the very beginning of the engagement. While we customize our approach for each engagement, at the core, we build off some essential blocks.

What sets us apart from regular search firms is that we are able to view the opportunity through a business prism and therefore able to pitch it to prospective candidates with relevant emphasis on the appropriate elements of the role. We are aided throughout this process by our use of analytical tools and technology. Finally, we are maniacally focused on delivering the desired outcomes. Therein lies our satisfaction.